Who we are

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We are a Cape Town based software development company whose primary focus is building websites and mobile apps for individuals, businesses or brands. Our technology department is led by Ahmed Tikiwa, a seasoned software engineer and tech speaker with a background in developing web and mobile applications as well as server administration.

Ahmed, has built software solutions that has been used by top telecommunications companies which has helped streamline these companies in South Africa as well as in the rest of Africa. This software is mainly web-based allowing enterprise companies the ability to carry out certain business functions online. He is also a mobile app developer primarily focusing on Android where he earned his Nanodegree offered by Google and Udacity. It is this same expertise and knowledge that Ahmed brings to AE Webmasters.

At AE Webmasters our primary goal is helping you, our client get your business online - be it in the form of a website or a mobile app or both. We pride ourselves in quality and ensuring that you have a online product your users will love.