Website development

Understanding why a website is important for your business or brand

A website can be viewed as an online gateway to your business or brand. A place where your customers or followers can get an insight into the products or services you have to offer. These offerings can fall into various categories which include, but are not limited to, agencies, blogging, business directories, showcase, travel or portfolio websites.

When a person walks into a retail store they are immersed in the look and feel of that store's brand, the colors, typography and even the layout of the store. A website is a similar entity where users who visit your website are immediately immersed into your company's brand. Many businesses make use of social media pages as their website, however these pages are only meant to be a reinforcer for their brand. A social media page is not able to adequately represent your brand as you cannot update the look and feel of the social media site whereas, a website enables businesses or brands to create an online presence that is in line with their brand’s look or feel.

If you have an existing website that needs to be updated, we will work with you on the requirements for your updated look and feel and develop the updated version.

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