AE Webmasters (Pty) Ltd is a web design and development company and our goal is to ensure our clients enjoy the benefits of a fully functional website.  Our web designs are responsive, professional and creative. We are always communicating with clients throughout the web design and development process, to ensure they are getting the dedicated service they deserve. We are committed to offering high quality websites at competitive industry rates, and dedicate ourselves to delivering great products and services to all our clients, all the time.


Unique Selling Position

Our customized content management system (CMS) comes standard with every website we develop. Our system was developed while focusing on our clients' specific web development needs. Most of our competitors make use of open source CMS's that have at times proven to be insecure and most often proven to be very limiting when trying to add new functionality to a website built with an open source CMS. Our CMS offers a secure, sustainable, and alternative solution to our clients, also allowing them the freedom to maintain their own websites should they choose to do so.